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Please bear with us as we populate these pages; if you have feedback/requests for documentation, please see the #ethereum-virtual-machine channel on discord

Getting Started with Zilliqa EVM

The Zilliqa EVM implementation is written as an execution engine and state storage on top of the Zilliqa consensus protocol.

The token for EVM operations is ZIL - there is no separate token for EVM APIs.

However, because Zilliqa and EVM APIs have different ways of deriving an address from a private key, you will have different addresses for EVM and Zilliqa APIs.

This means that you need to be careful when sending contract-bound tokens between them, because if you send ERC-20 tokens to your Zilliqa API address, or ZRC-2 tokens to your EVM adress, you will not be able to create contract calls from the "other" address to recover them. To read more about topics like this, see the FAQ.


EVM testnet faucet

You can use the testnet faucet to add ZIL to your EVM account; just paste your ethereum address (given by your wallet) into the faucet destination address.

EVM Explorer

You can use otterscan to explore testnet and devnet.

Network URL
testnet Link
devnet Link

Zilliqa has its own fork of otterscan for more customizations and features.