Before sending a transaction, one must first sign it with a valid private key. This can be done with one of the numerous SDKs provided by the Zilliqa team and community.

Signing is done against the Protobuf-serialised version of the transaction's contents. This is the reason why all SDKs depend on Protobuf to function. This step is transparent to you as a developer.

Example of providing a private key:

const { Zilliqa } = require("@zilliqa-js/zilliqa");
const { getAddressFromPrivateKey } = require("@zilliqa-js/crypto");
const zilliqa = new Zilliqa("");


import (

wallet := account.NewWallet()
package com.zilliqa.example;

import com.zilliqa.laksaj.account.Wallet;

public class TransactionOperation {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, NoSuchAlgorithmException {
        Wallet wallet = new Wallet();
        String ptivateKey = "e19d05c5452598e24caad4a0d85a49146f7be089515c905ae6a19e8a578a6930";
        String address = wallet.addByPrivateKey(ptivateKey);