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There are numerous channels that cover Zilliqa and Scilla programming content on various social media channels. In this section we'll cover videos related to Zilliqa and Scilla programming that are available on Zilliqa's official channels. We'll continue to add videos to this course over time.

Playlist link on youtube :

1 Zilliqa and Scilla Programming Course Introduction

Course introduction video in which we talk about the overview of the course - share it with your friends to get them excited about Zilliqa!

2 Zilliqa and Scilla Programming Course Content, and Developer Resources

Course structure and developer resources you will need to build on Zilliqa.

3 Introduction to Zilliqa's Scilla Smart Contract Programming Language

Background on what were the motivations for creating a new smart contract language which is safe by design and formally verifiable, i.e., Scilla. We also talk about some of the core features of Scilla in this video.

4 Scilla Key Concepts - Part 1

We cover some key Scilla concepts like variables (mutable, immutable), expressions, statements, transitions, procedures, events, and messages.

5 Deploying a Scilla "Hello World" Contract on the Blockchain - With Code Explanation

In this video, we deploy a Hello World contract on Zilliqa using the IDE available at

Hello World contract code with some explanation of its components:

6 Deploying a ZRC-2/Fungible Token Contract on the Blockchain - No Programming Knowledge Needed

In this video we teach you how to deploy a ZRC-2 (fungible token contract) using the Zilliqa IDE.

Relevant Links:

ZRC-2 Standard: ZRC-2 Contract Code:

7 Scilla Key Concepts - Part 2

We look at important Scilla concepts like functions, error handling, options, maps, booleans, lists, and standard libraries.

8 Crowdfunding Contract In Scilla - Part1

We explore the crowdfunding contract and its various components as available on:

9 Crowdfunding Contract In Scilla - Part2

Finish coding all the components of the crowdfunding contract.

10 Scilla Tips and Tricks

In this video we look at some Scilla tips and tricks that you can use to write better Scilla smart contracts Reference :