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Staking Overview

Welcome to the seed node staking section. Staking in Zilliqa has been implemented in several phases.

Phase 0

Phase 0 is the initial, past phase of the seed node staking program. Phase 0 is formally described in ZIP-3.

The goals of phase 0 are:

  • Open up the seed nodes network to more operators
  • Introduce staking at the seed node operation level

A seed node within the staking program is referred to as a Staked Seed Node or SSN.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the past phase of SSN staking. Phase 1 is formally described in ZIP-11.

Phase 1 introduces:

  • A mechanism for stake delegation, which removes the need to deposit $ZIL with an intermediary custodian
  • Uncapped staking
  • Stake rewards in the form of gZIL token, a ZRC-2 compliant governance token
  • Bonding of stake amount

Phase 1.1

Phase 1.1 is the current phase of SSN staking. It build on top of phase 1 staking and is formally described in ZIP-19.

Phase 1.1 consists of all features from phase 1 and further introduces

  • transfer stake deposit between accounts
  • remove of custom ADT in AssignStakeRewards transition
  • proper removal of empty map entries
  • changes to staking parameters in conjuction with changes in Zilliqa v8.0.0