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Other than ZilPay, dApp developers can allow their users to interact with their dApp using other wallet choices such as a private key or keystore file. However, we do recommend to use browser add-on such as ZilPay for key management.

Import via Private Key

The following code snippet illustrates on how To import your account from a private key

zilliqa.wallet.addByPrivateKey(privkey); //Private key was stored in the privKey variable

Import via Keystore File

The following code snippet illustrates how to import your account from an encrypted JSON keystore file and retrieve the private from the encrypted

async function privKeyFromKeystore() {
  let keystore = JSON.parse(encryptedWallet); //encryptedWallet is the encrypted keystore file
  let privKey = await decryptPrivateKey(passphrase, keystore); //passphrase variable has the passphrase of the encrypted wallet

Interacting with dApp

After importing the account using zilliqa-js/crypto module, the subsequent steps for doing anything are similar to the previous example. In the code snippet below, we call the setHello() transition of the Hello World Contract using a private key.


If you wish to use keystore instead of a private key, you can replace the zilliqa.wallet.addByPrivateKey(privkey) with the code snippet above.

  async updateWelcomeMsg(){
    //Only the below two lines are different when compared with ZilPay login.
    let zilliqa = new Zilliqa([](;
    zilliqa.wallet.addByPrivateKey(privkey); //Private key was stored in the privKey variable

    let setHelloValue = this.state.setHelloValue; //new value of the welcome msg
    let contractAddress = localStorage.getItem("contract_address");
    const CHAIN_ID = 333;
    const MSG_VERSION = 1;
    const VERSION = bytes.pack(CHAIN_ID, MSG_VERSION);
    const myGasPrice = units.toQa('1000', units.Units.Li); // Gas Price that will be used by all transactions
    contractAddress = contractAddress.substring(2);
    const ftAddr = toBech32Address(contractAddress);
    try {
        const contract =;
        const callTx = await
                    vname: 'msg',
                    type: 'String',
                    value: setHelloValue
                // amount, gasPrice and gasLimit must be explicitly provided
                version: VERSION,
                amount: new BN(0),
                gasPrice: myGasPrice,
                gasLimit: Long.fromNumber(10000),

    } catch (err) {