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v9.3.0 Miners rehearsal join


This is page collects the steps to configure a Zilclient mining node and join the v930-miners rehearsal network deployed to test the mining facility of the desharded Zilliqa version 1 network.

The procedure to deploy a mining node for the Zilliqa Mainnet is available at the following link.


The Zilliqa Client is officially supported on Ubuntu 22.04 OS.

The minimum requirements for running the Zilliqa Client are:

  • Ubuntu Linux 22.04
  • Recent dual-core processor @ 2.2 GHZ. Examples: Intel Xeon (Skylake)
  • 8GB DRR3 RAM or higher
  • Public static IP address
  • 300GB Solid State Drive
  • 100MB/s upload and download bandwidth
  • Docker version 24+

Joining steps

After you have your Ubuntu Linux up and running with Docker installed (you can install docker following the steps here), you can now bootstrap your mining node using the below procedure.

1. Create a working directory for your Zilclient node

mkdir v930-miners-join

2. Get the joining configuration

Get the joining configuration for our mining rehearsal network and extract it in the previous created directory.

cd v930-miners-join && \
curl -L | tar xzf -

3. Find out your current IP address in the command prompt and record it down



NAT IP is not supported. Kindly use the public IP address during the launch step.

4. Run the shell script in your command prompt to launch your docker image


5. You will be prompted to enter some information as shown below

- `Assign a name to your container (default: zilliqa):` <br/> [Press
  **Enter** to skip if using default]

- `Enter your IP address (*.*.*.*):` <br/> [Key in your IP address as
  found in step 5]

- `Enter your listening port (default: 33133):` <br/> [Press **Enter** to
  skip if using default]

6. Monitoring Progress

You are now a miner in the Zilliqa Mainnet. You can monitor your progress on your CPU node by using:

tail -f zilliqa.log

7. Stop the mining node

sudo docker stop <zilliqa container name>