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Staking Error Codes


The ssnlist smart contract will emit out exception with an error code when an error condition is encountered. An example is shown below.

Exception thrown: (Message [(_exception : (String "Error")) ; (code : (Int32 -13))]) :188
  Raised from IsProxy :269
  Raised from IsPaused :279
  Raised from DelegateStake :797

Here, we will demystify the error codes.

Error codes

Error Name Error Code Description
ContractFrozenFailure -1 ssnlist contract is currently paused state
VerifierValidationFailed -2 The initiator should be a verifier
AdminValidationFailed -3 The initiator should be an admin
StagingAdminNotExist -4 No staging admin is set
StagingAdminValidationFailed -5 Failed to validate staging admin
ProxyValidationFailed -6 The caller of this transition must be a registered proxy address
DelegDoesNotExistAtSSN -7 Delegator does not exist for the current SSN
DelegHasBufferedDeposit -8 Delegator has buffered deposit with the current SSN and is unable to proceed with this current operation
ChangeCommError -9 SSN operator has just changed commission in the current reward cycle and will not be able to change it again for this cycle
SSNNotExist -10 SSN does not exists
SSNAlreadyExist -11 There is another SSN with the same address as what the initiator provided
DelegHasUnwithdrawRewards -12 Delegator has unwithdrawn rewards and is unable to proceed with the current operation
DelegHasNoSufficientAmt -13 Delegator is unable to withdraw or redelegate stake as the amount provided is larger than his currnet dekegaed amount with a particular SSN
SSNNoComm -14 SSN has no commission for the SSN operator to withdraw
DelegStakeNotEnough -15 The delegation amount is less than min stake
ExceedMaxChangeRate -16 The commission change amount is larger than what is allowed by max commission change rate
ExceedMaxCommRate -17 The commission rate cannot be more than the max comission rate i.e 100%
InvalidTotalAmt -18 Cannot decrease total stake amount
VerifierNotSet -19 verifer is not set
VerifierRecvAddrNotSet -20 verifer receiving address is not set
ReDelegInvalidSSNAddr -21 The initiator is trying to redelegate to a non-existence SSN
AvailableRewardsError -22 Reward validation failure
InvalidSwapAddr -23 No such address for the swap request or delegator is swapping to the same address
SwapAddrValidationFailed -24 Requestor swap address does not match requestor address
SwapAddrAlreadyExistsAsRequest -25 A cyclic swap request detected