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The Zilliqa core is implemented in C++ and archived in our open-source Github repository.

Zilliqa Research primarily maintains the code base and moderates contributions from external developers.

While we have made great strides to realize the core protocol that runs the Zilliqa Mainnet, this continues to be a living, breathing endeavour. New features, improvements, and bug fixes are regularly pushed. Contributions from the developer community towards the advancement of this project are always welcome.

Quickstart Guide

Building the Zilliqa code base is officially supported on Ubuntu 18.04.

Follow these steps to perform the build:

  1. Install the required dependencies according to this section in the repository.
  2. Clone the Zilliqa repository.
  3. Build the source code according to this section.

When successful, the outputs (including the zilliqa binary) will be created in the build subfolder of the working directory.

Next Steps

Once you are able to build the code base, there are several ways you can contribute:

  1. Submit code changes as pull requests (please read the guidelines)
  2. Submit proposals to improve the core protocol design
  3. Submit bug reports and feature requests in the repository issues

Contributing to Scilla

A fully functional Zilliqa node also includes the Scilla smart contract interpreter. If you are interested in contributing to that project, please refer to the Scilla website.


These are the available resources that help explain the core protocol:

  1. The Zilliqa whitepaper
  2. The Zilliqa architecture and Core protocol design sections
  3. The Zilliqa Improvement Proposals repository
  4. Monthly updates and tech writeups in the official blog
  5. The developer community channels on our official Discord server