The Delegator is a new role introduced since phase 1 of the Zilliqa seed node staking program. With the Delegator, there is a better separation of roles and privileges.

Below we summarize the changes in the SSN Operator role between phases, as well as describe the role of the Delegator.

SSN operator in phase 0

  • Manages the SSN operation
  • Receives stake deposits from stakers via out-of-band platform
  • Deposits stake into the staking smart contract
  • Receives stake rewards from the contract on behalf of all stakers
  • Distributes stake rewards via out-of-band platform
  • Commission or fees charged may not be transparent

SSN operator in phase 1 and 1.1

  • Manages the SSN operation
  • No longer able to stake deposit
  • Sets commission fees on-chain
  • Updates commission fees on-chain (with restriction on the max commission rate change per reward cycle)
  • Receives commission on-chain

Delegator in phase 1 and 1.1

  • Deposits stake directly into the staking smart contract
  • Able to delegate to one or more SSN Operator
  • Able to redelegate to another SSN operator
  • Withdraws rewards ($ZIL and $gZIL) on-chain
  • Withdraws stake deposit on-chain