Since the release of the initial whitepaper in 2017, the Zilliqa core has evolved to address the functional, security, performance, deployment, and usability challenges encountered in our Zilliqa Mainnet. While it has gained a significant degree of maturity since its inception, the Zilliqa platform continues to be a work in progress as new developments in the blockchain space present opportunities for improvement.

The Zilliqa core protocol encompasses the implementation in our C++ code base as well as all related processes or conventions around it (e.g., data formats, API specifications, etc.). Many of these have been captured in our design documents and other available resources, and collectively form our core protocol standards.

In the spirit of open source development, contributions from the community towards the improvement of these standards are very much welcome. Our Zilliqa Improvement Proposals repository provides a structured avenue for these contributions. Once peer-reviewed, proposals are implemented and eventually become part of the core protocol standards.

Some examples of these proposals include:

  1. Specifications
  2. Zilliqa Address Standard (ZIP-1)
  3. Zilliqa Internal Transactions (ZIP-2)
  4. Feature updates
  5. Zilliqa Scilla External Library Support (ZIP-5)
  6. Adopting MPT for Contract State Hashing (ZIP-8)
  7. Feature additions
  8. Seed Node Staking Mechanism (ZIP-3)
  9. Zilliqa Isolated Server (ZIP-6)
  10. Usability and API standards
  11. GetMinerNodes API (ZIP-4)
  12. URL Scheme Format for Transaction Requests (ZIP-7)

To get started, please read these resources in the repository:

  1. Introduction
  2. Contribution Guidelines