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Zilliqa 2: An Overview


Zilliqa 2 is the next generation of the Zilliqa blockchain. It represents a fundamental overhaul of Zilliqa's blockchain node, introducing substantial improvements in network performance and utility while preserving all the features of the current Zilliqa version, including full EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility.

It is currently under development, so not yet stable or complete, feel free to create an issue in GitHub when you find problems.

Key Enhancements in Zilliqa 2

Zilliqa 2 brings forth several enhancements to elevate its performance and scalability:

  • Faster Finality: Introducing a new consensus algorithm (Fast-HotStuff) for quicker transaction confirmations.

  • Improved Scalability and Sharding: The upgrade empowers developers with an enhanced sharding system, providing the flexibility to create custom shards with programmable security parameters.

  • Developer-Focused Design: Prioritizing an enhanced developer experience, Zilliqa 2.0 aims to simplify blockchain development and streamline user transactions.

  • EVM Compatibility: EVM-based smart contracts can be deployed and integrated seamlessly with Zilliqa 2.0. Full support for both Scilla and EVM is retained.

  • Sharding System with Privacy Features: Zilliqa 2.0's sharding system supports programmable decentralization, enabling customization of shards for specific use cases. Each shard may include an encryption key, ensuring privacy by encrypting block data.

Compatibility and Transition

In terms of compatibility and transition:

  • Existing ZIL and dApps: Zilliqa 2 ensures a seamless transition by maintaining compatibility with existing Zilliqa and EVM APIs. Users can rest assured that their decentralized applications (dApps) will continue to function normally, with the state of the chain remaining unchanged.

  • Deployment and Stability: The current phase involves a heavily in-development devnet that aligns with the latest code changes. Users should anticipate some instability and occasional state resets. As Zilliqa 2 matures, the plan is to deploy additional networks offering enhanced stability.


Name EVM Chain Id API Explorer Faucet Notes
Zilliqa 2 Devnet 33469 Active unstable development network. Expect frequent updates, bugs and state resets.

Release Timeline

The release timeline for Zilliqa 2 is contingent on development progress and rigorous testing. Providing an exact date can be challenging due to these variables. To stay abreast of developments and receive timely updates on the release schedule:

  • Monitor the GitHub repository
  • Follow Zilliqa on social media platforms for announcements and progress reports.

For further details and the latest information, stay connected with the Zilliqa community and official channels.