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Please bear with us as we populate these pages; if you have feedback/requests for documentation, please see the #ethereum-virtual-machine channel on discord

Getting Started with Zilliqa EVM


Quick connect guide

Guide on configuring Metamask to ZILEVM

Developer onboarding

Guides for developing Solidity contracts for ZILEVM

Zilliqa Mainnet

EVM is not yet available on Zilliqa Mainnet

Developer testnet
Network Type Network Name Network RPC ChainID Currency Symbol Block Explorer URL
Testnet EVM Test 33101 ZIL

ZILEVM block explorers


In particular, DevEx is capable of translating between ethereum and Zilliqa style addresses (use the recycle button next to the address in the account page).

ZILEVM testnet faucet

You can use the testnet faucet to add ZIL to your EVM account; just paste your ethereum address (given by your wallet) into the faucet destination address.