API Endpoints

You can use the following endpoints to interact with the Zilliqa API, either via EVM or the Zilliqa JSON API.

Chain(s) Zilliqa API Chain Id EVM Chain Id URL(s)
Zilliqa mainnet 1 32769 https://api.zilliqa.com/
Developer testnet 333 33101 https://dev-api.zilliqa.com/
Isolated server 222 32990 https://zilliqa-isolated-server.zilliqa.com/

You can use the following block explorers for the various networks

Chain(s) Explorer link
Zilliqa mainnet Viewblock explorer
Devex explorer
Ethereal EVM explorer
Developer testnet ViewBlock testnet explorer
DevEx testnet explorer
Ethereal EVM explorer
Isolated server Isolated server explorer

You can use the testnet faucet to add ZIL to your account.