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What is Zilliqa 2?

Zilliqa 2 is a complete rewrite of Zilliqa's blockchain node. It will retain all the features of the current version of Zilliqa, including full EVM compatibility, while introducing significant improvements in network performance and utility.

What is new in Zilliqa 2?

Zilliqa 2 offers faster finality and improved scalability through a new consensus algorithm and an enhanced sharding system. There are many other exciting features in active development. For more information, please visit the Zilliqa blog.

What happens to my existing ZIL and existing dApps?

Zilliqa 2 will be fully compatible with the existing Zilliqa and EVM APIs, ensuring that most dApps should continue to function normally. The state of the chain will remain unchanged, meaning your existing ZIL, tokens and NFTs will continue to exist as before.

Where can I use Zilliqa 2?

We currently have a heavily in-development devnet which stays up-to-date with our latest code changes. Naturally, this means you should expect some instability and occasional state resets. As Zilliqa 2 matures, we will deploy more networks which offer greater stability.

What is the expected timeline for the release of Zilliqa 2?

Providing an exact timeline for the full release can be challenging, as it depends on development progress and testing. To stay updated on our progress and receive information about the release schedule, please keep an eye on our GitHub repository and follow our social media pages for updates.