Enrolment of SSN into Staking Smart Contract

We will need the following information in order to enrol your SSN into the smart contract.

InformationTypeFuture Adjustment?
SSN public keyByStr20No
SSN operator nameStringContract admin
URL (RAW)StringContract admin
API URLStringContract admin
Commission rateUint128SSN operator

For both URL (RAW) and API URL, please provide the port number.

To ensure fair competition among all existing SSN operators, the initial commission rate we allow an SSN to set will be one within the current commission rate range of all active SSNs. For example, if we have 2 active SSNs in the network with rates of 5% and 10%, respectively, then, the new SSN operator will only be allowed to set its commission between 5-10%. The SSN operator, however, can subsequently re-adjust the commission rate via UpdateComm transition.