Running ZILMiner for Mining Rigs

Hardware Requirements

The ZilMiner software is officially supported on both Ubuntu and Windows OS.

Both AMD (with OpenCL) and Nvidia (with OpenCL or CUDA) GPUs are supported for the Zilliqa PoW process.

The minimum requirements for running ZilMiners are:

  • x64 Operating system (Ubuntu or Windows)
  • Dual-core processor or later
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM or higher
  • Any GPUs with at least 2 GB RAM

GPU Driver Setup for ZilMiner

OpenCL Driver Setup (for AMD/Nvidia GPUs)

If you wish to use OpenCL supported GPUs for PoW, please run the following to install the OpenCL developer package:

sudo apt install ocl-icd-opencl-dev

You may need to reboot your PC for the installation to take effect. After reboot, check if your drivers are installed properly with the following command:


CUDA Driver Setup (for Nvidia GPUs only)

If you wish to use CUDA supported GPU for PoW, please download and install CUDA package from the NVIDIA official webpage. You may need to reboot your PC for the installation to take effect.

Mining Steps

  1. Install ZilMiner on your GPU rigs:

  2. Setup your ZilMiner on your GPU rigs with the following command:

    zilminer -P zil://[email protected]_node_ip:get_work_port

    You have to change the wallet_address, worker_name, zil_node_ip, and get_work_port accordingly.

    - For `wallet_address` : You can input any arbitrary Zilliqa address. This is only used by the pool master for accounting purposes. If you are mining solo, you can ignore this parameter.
    - For `worker_name` : You can input any arbitrary worker name you desire.
    - For `zil_node_ip` : Please input the IP address of the CPU node running the Zilliqa Client.
    - For `get_work_port` : Please input the port used in `GETWORK_SERVER_PORT`. Default is `4202`.

Stopping the Mining Process

To stop mining, you will need to kill your ZilMiner process on your GPU rigs.