Getting Started

Participating as a Miner

There are theoretically multiple ways to participate in the Zilliqa Mainnet as a miner.

  1. Operating Zilliqa Client using the default settings for CPU mining
  2. Operating Zilliqa Client using OpenCL or CUDA settings for GPU mining
  3. Operating a proxy mining setup using Zilliqa Client, ZilMiner, and Zilliqa Mining Proxy
  4. Participating in mining pools

However, at the present level of mining difficulty in the Mainnet, the first two ways are no longer possible.

Proxy Mining

To proceed with proxy mining:

  1. An introduction to proxy mining is provided here
  2. The Zilliqa Client instructions can be found here
  3. The ZilMiner instructions can be found here

Mining Pools

Zilliqa's use of Ethereum's Ethash algorithm for PoW allows existing mining pool operators to easily integrate mining on Zilliqa, giving retail miners another way to participate in the Zilliqa Mainnet.

The Zilliqa page on MiningPoolStats has a list of mining pools that support Zilliqa. Please refer to the pool's website for specific instructions on how to participate.