Diagnostic Data

Diagnostic Data

We store in LevelDB a limited amount of some operational data about the network that is intended for use when diagnosing any issues with the mainnet.

Globally, the amount of data stored is controlled by the constant MAX_ENTRIES_FOR_DIAGNOSTIC_DATA, which is usually set to either 25 or 50.

This is the current data stored for diagnostic purposes:

LevelDB locationData storedStorage timingTool for data extraction
persistence/diagnosticNodesDS and shard peersEvery vacuous epochgetnetworkhistory
persistence/diagnosticCoinbCoinbase values and distributionEvery DS blockgetrewardhistory

To use the diagnostic tools:

  1. Make sure there is a persistence subfolder in your current directory
  2. Make sure persistence/diagnosticNodes and persistence/diagnosticCoinb contain the data you want to extract
  3. Run getnetworkhistory <name of output CSV file> or getrewardhistory <name of output CSV file>
  4. Output CSV file will appear in the current directory. Use Excel or LibreOffice Calc to open it