Returns the status of a specified transaction. This API is available from Zilliqa V7.0.0 onwards and supports all transaction statuses (unconfirmed, confirmed, and rejected).

Example Request

curl -d '{
"id": "1",
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "GetTransactionStatus",
"params": ["1bb178b023f816e950d862f6505cd79a32bb97e71fd78441cbc3486940a2e1b7"]
}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST ""

Example Response

"id": "1",
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": {
"ID": "1bb178b023f816e950d862f6505cd79a32bb97e71fd78441cbc3486940a2e1b7",
"_id": {
"$oid": "5fd053b0d127fe45cc5eea24"
"amount": "0",
"data": "{\"_tag\":\"AddAccount\",\"params\":[{\"vname\":\"address\",\"type\":\"ByStr20\",\"value\":\"0x0434cdcf27e2294b3539cb6ffe2cc328d7f9757e\"},{\"vname\":\"datetime_added\",\"type\":\"String\",\"value\":\"1607488428\"}]}",
"epochInserted": "2152402",
"epochUpdated": "2152405",
"gasLimit": "30000",
"gasPrice": "2000000000",
"lastModified": "1607488477842011",
"modificationState": 2,
"nonce": "131",
"senderAddr": "b8fe5ab2e66c71274216688cf852e6d9f10b94e7",
"signature": "0xBAA6964C66AE0608C6CEFBAAB69138E9358A1604C647DFFEF94E7022F2AB33D67F70802F71E934A0690BE4BA81CC3866B2FB668B29C528E6B77B1285533A2E2C",
"status": 3,
"success": true,
"toAddr": "db4955ba4b1a957200ee0a36cf5f84eb4d7447e5",
"version": "21823489"

Response Fields

_idObject ID (internal database field)
epochInsertedTx epoch when this transaction was first logged
epochUpdatedTx epoch when this transaction was last updated
lastModifiedTimestamp for this transaction's last update
modificationStateSee next table below
statusSee next table below
Other fieldsTransaction-related fields

Status Codes

00Transaction not found
01Pending - Dispatched
12Pending - Soft-confirmed (awaiting Tx block generation)
14Pending - Nonce is higher than expected
15Pending - Microblock gas limit exceeded
16Pending - Consensus failure in network
210Rejected - Transaction caused math error
211Rejected - Scilla invocation error
212Rejected - Contract account initialization error
213Rejected - Invalid source account
214Rejected - Gas limit higher than shard gas limit
215Rejected - Unknown transaction type
216Rejected - Transaction sent to wrong shard
217Rejected - Contract & source account cross-shard issue
218Rejected - Code size exceeded limit
219Rejected - Transaction verification failed
220Rejected - Gas limit too low
221Rejected - Insufficient balance
222Rejected - Insufficient gas to invoke Scilla checker
223Rejected - Duplicate transaction exists
224Rejected - Transaction with higher gas price exists
225Rejected - Invalid destination address
226Rejected - Failed to add contract account to state
227Rejected - Nonce is lower than expected
2255Rejected - Internal error

HTTP Request

Zilliqa mainnet
Developer testnet


paramsstringRequiredTransaction hash of 32 bytes of a specified transaction.