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Upgrade to v. 8

Zilliqa version 8.0.0 consists of numerous significant changes. This page summarizes some of the major changes that developers and exchanges will need to take note of. The full release note of v8.0.0 is available here.

Upgrade Duration

Upgrade start Tuesday 11th May 2021 05:00 UTC
Upgrade end Tuesday 11th May 2021 11:00 UTC

Core Protocol Updates

1) Faster block production rate

We have made some changes to our pBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus and transaction dispatching and processing implementation. This allows for faster block production rate.

Before v8.0.0 v8.0.0
Peak final block production time 40 seconds 29 seconds
Expected Tx block count per 24 hours ~1600 Tx blocks ~2200 Tx blocks


2) Block reward adjustment

Faster block production rate will result in an increase in inflation rate. Zilliqa v8.0.0 will not include any adjustment to the current inflation rate. Instead, in order to preserve the current inflation rate, the reward allocated per DS epoch will be decreased from 275,000 $ZIL per DS block to 176,000 $ZIL per DS block. We will update the COINBASE_REWARD_PER_DSas follows:

Before v8.0.0 v8.0.0
COINBASE_REWARD_PER_DS 275000000000000000 176000000000000000

Please note that this change is considered an interim change. If the block production rate deviates from the expected value significantly, a new governance proposal can be introduced to adjust the value in subsequent Mainnet upgrades.

3) Payment transaction gas unit increase from 1 to 50

As per ZIP-18, which passed Zilliqa governance vote, the gas unit of payment transaction will be adjusted from 1 to 50 gas unit. We will update NORMAL_TRAN_GAS as follows:

Before v8.0.0 v8.0.0

When handling payment transactions, developers and exchanges will need to call CreateTransaction with gasLimit set to at least 50 instead of 1 from v8.0.0 onwards. As a result of this change, the minimal cost of a payment transaction fee will increase from 0.002 $ZIL to 0.1 $ZIL assuming the lowest gas price.


  1. Smart contract transaction gas unit remains unchanged.
  2. Developers and exchanges may proceed to make the gasLimit change above even before v8.0.0 is deployed. Until the deployment, the payment transaction fee will continue to be 0.002 $ZIL, with or without the gasLimit change.

4) Deprecation and removal of GetPendingTxn and GetPendingTxns API

Since v7.0.0, we have released a new API GetTransactionStatus which tracks transaction status during the transactional lifetime. GetPendingTxn and GetPendingTxns will be removed with effect from v8.0.0.

5) Non-interactive mode support for seed nodes

Seed node operators will now have the option of invoking in non-interactive mode. Operators will need to configure the following environment variables when using non-interactive mode.



If IP_WHITELISTING is set to N, the script assumes the existence of the whitelisted keypair file called "whitelistkey.txt", and further assumes "mykey.txt" as the whitelisted key if "whitelistkey.txt" does not exist.

6) Bug fixes around mining node joining

We have fixed a few mining node joining issues. Special thanks to K1-pool for reporting a few issues to us.

Scilla Updates

1) Scilla disambiguation fix


To support Scilla features such as remote state read and external library, user-defined ADTs will need to be non-ambiguous starting from v8.0.0. This means that when calling a contract transition that contains a user-defined ADT, the user-defined ADT will need to be prefixed with the contract address that defines the type.

For instance, let's assume a user-defined ADT named SSNCycleInfo is defined in a contract deployed at address 0xb55cc7894536ac015350790550b0c03f49eb8ebd. When using the user-defined ADT, it will need to be prefixed with the contract address (i.e., 0xb55cc7894536ac015350790550b0c03f49eb8ebd.SSNCycleInfo). If your contract transition has user-defined ADTs, you will need to modify the way you call the transition by appending the contract address prefix.

2) Introduction of new Scilla feature - remote state read

With effect from v8.0.0, a Scilla contract will be able to read the state of another contract by using the remote state read feature.

3) Smart contract parameters change

To support larger dApps and the need for more contract calls, we will adjust the following constant values

Before v8.0.0 v8.0.0

Staking Updates

As part of the v8.0.0 rollout, the current Staking Phase 1.0 feature will be updated to the new Staking Phase 1.1.

1) Staking contract migration

Due to the Scilla disambiguation fix, we will be freezing the existing staking contract shortly before the v8.0.0 network upgrade commences. The contract will be frozen permanently, and the contract states and funds will be migrated to a new contract.


  1. Migration to the new contract is expected to take up to 7 days
  2. During the migration, the existing contract will be paused and no staking activities such as stake withdrawal can be conducted
  3. Rewards for staking will be retroactively distributed after the staking contract migration
  4. For wallets, explorers and exchanges, please note that the contract address will be changed and you will need to update it on your end. We will provide the address once we have deployed the Mainnet contract
  5. We will make Staking Phase 1.1 available on the public testnet shortly to help you prepare for the staking contract migration
  6. For community members, please kindly wait for your wallet provider to update to the new staking contract if you encounter any staking issue

2) Switching of staking wallet

The new staking contract will also have a new swap delegate feature which allows a delegator to swap his wallet address with another address without incurring any unbonding period or rewards penalty.

3) Staking parameter adjustments

Due to faster block production rate after v8.0.0, we will be adjusting the following parameters to bring rewarding and unbonding timing back to parity.

Parameters New value
Rewards per cycle 1,548,800 $ZIL
Reward cycle 2,200 final blocks (~1 day)
Unbonding period 30,800 Final blocks (~2 weeks)

Please note that this change is considered an interim change. If the block production rate deviates from the expected value significantly, a new governance proposal can be introduced to adjust the staking parameter accordingly.

4) $gZIL ending period

$gZIL minting period has been set to end on block 1483713. This value cannot be changed. With the changes to block time in v8.0.0, the ending wall clock may vary as a result.